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Nayati NEFT 4-60 AM Electric Fry Top 3.9Kw

NEFT 4-60 AM
Electric Griddle Pan consists of uniform heating element with 3.9 Kw power rate
  • Dimension:  380 x 600 x 260 mm

  • Color: Grey

  • Brand name: Nayati / Indonesia 

  • Manufactured: Indonesia

Output power  3.9 Kw
Voltage  230 V / 1ph / 50-60 Hz
Dimension 380 x 600 x 260 mm
Cooking Dimension 310 x 480 mm
Working temperature 50°C - 300°C


Amicus Electric Fry Top with 3.9 kW power rate energized with SSS heating system for stable performance and maximum component lifetime. Mandatory for grilling with accuracy. Appliance is completed with splash back for hygienic working area. Unit can be installed free standing table top, on open cabinet or similar elements, cantilever, or solid block solutions. Featuring rear seamless fitting to Amicus family.