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Alphatech Icon ICET051E Electric Touch Combi Oven (5 x GN 1/1)


ICON is the ideal oven if you are opening a café, restaurant, or bakery. With a minimum budget, you get all the functions and performance of top range ovens, with the hallmark Lainox quality. Every dish is a masterpiece, from steam cooking, frying, and grilling...Conjure up whatever your imagination desires, from sweet to savoury.

  • Dimension: 777 x 729 x 777 mm 

  • Brand name: Alphatech / Italy

  • Manufactured: Italy 

Power 7.25 kW
Voltage 400V/50Hz
External Dimension
777 x 729 x 777 mm
5 x GN 1/1 or trays 400 x 600 mm 
Distance between layers
70 mm

Deliver without any trays
Autowash system & Probe included
Manual cooking with three cooking modes Convection from 50°C to 260°C; Steam from 50°C to 130°C; Combined from 50°C to 260°C
Touch Version