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Roller Grill SEF 800 Q Electric Salamander With Fixed Top

SEF 800 Q
Salamanders with fixed top to defrost, glaze, brown or grill toasts, gratins, meals just before the service.
• Rack with 4 cooking levels.
• Independent control of heating zones.
• Completely open on 3 sides for every size of plates and GN tray.
  • Dimension: 800 x 640 x 590 mm

  • Color: Grey

  • Brand name: Roller Grill / France

  • Manufactured: France

Power 4.5 Kw
Voltage 380 V / 50 Hz
Dimension 800 x 640 x 590 mm
Cooking Surface 740 x 375 mm
Weight 35 Kg


The infrared salamander grill SEF 800 Q is equipped with 3 sets of 4 infrared quartz tubes. These heating elements spread a radiation of 1050°C on the product to be cooked. Thanks to this heating system, the electric salamander SEF 800 Q has a fast temperature rise in less than 30 seconds! Dishes are cooked or grilled in record time.

Vary your cooking with the SEF 800 Q professional salamander grill !
Thanks to the infrared quartz tubes in the upper part, the professional salamander grill SEF 800 Q can defrost, heat, brown, glaze, gratin dishes, grill toasts, gratins, onion soups ... very quickly!

The commutator allows independent control of the 3 heating zones.

Nothing is easier to use and clean than the fixed-roof salamander SEF 800 Q !
This fixed-roof salamander is equipped with a rack and 4 levels. This salamander grill with fixed top is completely open on 3 sides to accept dishes of any size.

The cheese melter SEF 800 Q is easy to clean: the grid and the lower plate are completely removable. The quartz tubes can easily be wiped with sponge once the electric salamander is turned off and cooled down.

Features: 3 sets of 4 infrared quartz each, commutator with 4 positions, grid and bottom tray.