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Bravilor Percolator 45 Filter coffee machine 6L

Percolator 45

The Percolator from Bravilor Bonamat allows you to brew large quantities of coffee. You need to fill the Percolator manually with water. In addition, you fill the stainless steel filter on top with course-ground coffee. Then, simply switch the unit on. At the end of the brewing cycle, the Percolator automatically switches into the ‘keep warm’ mode. The Percolator suits many locations; very suitable for events as the units only require electric power.

  • Dimension: 233 x 425 mm

  • Brand name: Bravilor / Netherland

  • Manufactured: Netherland

Power 950 W
Voltage 230V/50-60Hz
Dimension 233 x 425 mm
Holding Capacity
Throughput Per Hour
approx.10L (144 cups)