Established in 2009, Sunshine Equipment has been known as an importer and distributor of industrial kitchen, bar and laundry equipments of well-known brands in the world.

In 2014, it opened a second branch of activity, being the manufacture of personalized stainless steel products, suitable for any form of kitchen and any operating need. This control in the manufacturing ensures not only the opening timing but also the total conformity of the kitchen, both in aesthetics and in utility. Since 2017 it has also distributed culinary utensils. With a team of consultants, kitchen designers and technicians, Sunshine is able to provide not only a complete kitchen, but also a maintenance and repair service, ensuring the peace of mind for its customers when it comes to the kitchen, other than the manpower.

Always focusing on satisfying customer's needs, we have been continuously making efforts to create sustainable values our customers. By always accompanying our customers in their business, finding out the most suitable solution for the sake of the customers, we did get their trust through long term cooperations, in Vietnam as well as in Cambodia.