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Hamilton Beach Commercial HMI200-CE Immersion Blender 23cm Shaft

HMI200-CEBlend all your favorite recipe ingredients easily in a bowl or pot with a commercial immersion blender, saving time so you can perform other prep tasks. Perfect for puréeing soups, whipping egg whites, creaming butter and mixing batters.
  • Detachable 23 cm stainless steel shaft with durable ABS handle
  • 5 edge cutting blades with innovative blade guard
  • Two speed motor
  • Available in 120V and 230V
  • Brand name: Hamilton Beach Commercial / US
  • Manufactured: P.R.C
Power 175 W | Motor 1.0 HP
Voltage 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz (CE Plug)
Dimensions 76 x 445 mm
Weight 1.9 Kg


Detachable 9/ 23cm stainless steel shaft

Disconnects easily for dishwasher cleanup.

Durable ABS Handle

Features built-in storage hook for easy hanging and storage on wire racks.

Four Blades with Five Cutting Edges

Quickly cut through ingredients for professional results every time.

Tough 175 Watt Motor with 2 Speeds

Power that gives professional kitchens the flexibility they need to purée soups and sauces right in the pan, whip egg whites, cream butters, and mix batters.

Autoclavable Shaft

Detach and add to an autoclave for steam sterilization.

Innovative Blade Guard

Designed to reduce splashing while blending and allows the mix to pass through without clogging the blade.