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Nayati NGKH 12-75 SV Gas Wok Range - High Power ~70 Kw

NGKH 12-75 SV
Gas Wok Range High Presure with 70 Kw power rate. Powerful, compact and suitable for various methods of cooking the Nayati LPG High Pressure Kwalie Range of Woks is perfect for every kind of kitchen and facility.
  • Dimension: 1200 x 750 x 750 / 1050mm 

  • Color: Grey

  • Brand name: Nayati / Indonesia  

  • Manufactured: Indonesia

Gas Power ~ 70 Kw
Dimension 1200 x 750 x 750 / 1050mm
Water connection R 1/2‘’
Weight 108 Kg


High Pressure Wok with Double Cooking Zone. Top Panel Constructed with deep drawn dome for both the wok and the soup warmer. Includes Wok Holder and Wall-Mounted Faucet. Lever is positioned at knee level for ergonomic operation of an oriental. Compatible installation with others 75 High Pressure Wok Series.