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Nayati TP-JG 12/G Gas Teppanyaki 14 Kw

TP-JG 12/G
Gas Teppanyaki with 14 Kw power rate. Burner atmospheric supplied by a mixture of liquid gas and air or natural gas and air. Main Burner ignition carried by Pilot Burner and equipped by Safety Thermocouple.
  • Dimension: 1200 x 770 x 850 mm 

  • Color: Grey

  • Brand name: Nayati / Indonesia  

  • Manufactured: Indonesia

Gas Power ~14 Kw
1200 x 770 x 850 mm
Weight 201 Kg


Gas Teppanyaki with 14 kW power rate. Griddle constructed from Knife Steel for strong and durable heating performance. Controlled with temperature management of 2 heating zones. Equipped with removable splash back and drain for oil collection. Can be installed as a portable table top solution.