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Roller Grill FC 110 EG Multifunction Oven 110L

FC 110 EG

With the bakery oven FC 110 EG, it's the result of a perfectly controlled technology! The different technologies of this professional oven multiply the possibilities of cooking.

  • Dimension: 795 x 755 x 595 mm

  • Color: Grey

  • Brand name: Roller Grill/France

  • Manufactured: France

Power 6 Kw
Voltage 380 V / 50 Hz
Outside Dimension 795 x 755 x 595 mm
Inside Dimension 670 x 440 x 310 mm
Capacity 4 trays 60 x 40 mm
Volume 110 L
Temperature 300°C in 10 min
 Weight 60 Kg


The real bakery oven FC 110 EG combines the ventilated heat and steam production essential to bake bread. At high temperature, the steam injection is automatically preset in quantity and in time for a smooth, regular and perfectly control of cooking. The reversible turbine provides alternate rotation every 2 minutes.

Thanks to its high-performance technologies, this electric bakery oven allows to vary the cooking:
- The temperature rise of this 110 L steam oven is remarkable: 300 ° C in 10 minutes !
- The quartz infrared salamander (1050 ° C) in the upper part is ventilated by the turbine. This function significantly increases the cooking possibilities of all types of dishes: gratins, meat, fish, cakes, etc. This ventilated salamander function also makes it possible to brown, to gratinate or to glaze dishes.
- The function of ventilated heat ensures a mixing of warm air to quickly defrost food or to heat dishes.
- The reversible turbine can be used in half power to cook puffs, meringues, muffins etc.

Features: thermostat 0-300 ° C, infrared quartz, 120-minute-sound timer with position for non-stop use, 2 interior lamps, adjustable feet. Push button for steam injection, Ø210 turbine, 2-speed-motor alternately rotating every 2 minutes, engine cooling system, 150 mm high legs. Delivered without grid.