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Roller Grill SGF 800 Gas Salamander With Fixed Top

SGF 800
The professional gas salamander grill SGF 800 is appreciated for its gas performance and for its cooking possibilities and easiness !
  • Dimension: 800 x 640 x 590 mm

  • Color: Grey

  • Brand name: Roller Grill / France

  • Manufactured: France

Power 7.6 Kw
Dimension 800 x 640 x 590 mm
Cooking Surface 740 x 375 mm
Weight 42 Kg


SGF 800: THE professional gas salamander grill with high power!
The professional gas salamander grill SGF 800 is equipped with 3 infrared double burners with safety thermocouples. Each burner has a width of 60 mm. Depending on the type of gas used, the temperature can reach between 700 ° C and 800 ° C. After a 10-minute preheating, this professional salamander grill can cook or broil food quickly.
Vary your cooking with the gas salamander grill SGF 800!
The gas salamander grill with fixed top SGF 800 can defrost, heat, brown, glaze, gratin dishes, toast toasts, gratins, onion soups ...
The large flame control knob - small flame with idle position adjusts the heating power to the desired cooking mode.
Nothing easier to use and clean than the cheese melter SGF 800!
This cheese melter with fixed top is equipped with a rack with 4 levels of grid. The free pass through of the vault allows to use all the dimensions of dishes or plates.
The professional gas salamander SGF 800 is easy to clean the grill and the lower plate are completely removable. The burners can be cleaned with a soft cloth once the appliance is turned off and cooled.
Features: 3 infrared double burners, adjustment knob, grid and bottom tray.