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Roller Grill PID 30 Double Induction Plates

PID 30
The professional induction hob PID 30 is a 100% French technology that is very efficient in terms of cooking and energy saving. All the performances of this double professional induction are fully appreciated with a special pan for induction.
  • Dimension: 590 x 380 x 102 mm

  • Color: Grey

  • Brand name: Roller Grill / France

  • Manufactured: France

Power 2 x 3 Kw
Voltage 2 cords 230 V (mono)
Dimension 590 x 380 x 102 mm
Cooking surface 555 x 280 mm
Weight 11 Kg


The professional induction hob PID 30: a concentrated technology inscribed in the duration!
Designed and industrialized in France, the professional induction hob PID 30 is a double model with two professional generators, two removable filters and two ventilators to prevent overheating. This concentrated technology ensures a longevity of components of more than 15,000 hours. The professional induction cooktop PID 30 is fully dedicated to catering professionals for intensive use.
This French technology of professional induction has been developing for 28 years. It represents the 8th generation of continuous improvement.
The professional induction cooktop PID 30 offers unrivalled benefits for tomorrow's catering!
The professional induction cooktop PID 30 is a compact and robust double hob. The large and high-resistant glass ceramic plate (no mechanical expansion up to 700 ° C) is fixed on a double induction box of 2 x 3 kW.
After selecting the power level, the temperature rise is ultra-fast. 1.5 liters of boiling water in 2 minutes! (Test carried out with a stainless steel pan Ø21 cm and its lid)
Thanks to the high-quality and long-lasting components, the professional double induction cooktop PID 30 can be used at full power and continuously during 8 hours without automatic shutdown. The efficiency of the professional induction exceeds 95%.
The electromagnetism of this induction hob makes it possible to sauté from 30 to 40 mm above the glass-ceramic plate depending on the quality of the pan.
The setting of the 20 power levels is accurate and instantaneous on each cooking zone. Calibration is done every 25-50 Watts up to 100 W depending on the power level.
Both 280 x 280 mm multi-point cooking zones allow the use of "special induction" pans, casseroles or pots of any size up to 28 cm in diameter for each cooking area.
To fully enjoy the benefits of professional induction, be sure to choose the right battery of "special induction" pans!
The professional induction hob and the battery of "special induction" pans are indissociably and essential for successful cooking in professional catering.
The saucepan, casserole or pan represents 50% of the efficiency of induction cooking! The pan or casserole must be ferromagnetic and flat bottomed to absorb the magnetic field of the induction hob and to spread the heat.
For successful induction cooking with the induction hob PID 30, it is recommended to use pots, pans, pans, stews ... in iron, cast iron, carbon steel or multilayer stainless steel. Some materials such as aluminum, copper and glass are not suitable for induction.
Features: large glass ceramic hob, 2 induction boxes, 2 ventilators, 2 professional generators, front panel. Capacitive front panel: On / Off, sound timer and Power cutoff, 20-level power (+/-) selection, digital display of power levels or timer. Robust design and long life components. Delivered without pan.